in Featherweight Kingdom
Professional Longhair Chihuahua Breeding
Rare Chocolat & Lilac color. Tan color.
I invite you to browse my website dedicated to my passion.
My Familial & Professional Longhair Chihuahua Breeding  situated in Isère. 
The chihuahua fills our heart. Quite simply with :
One strand of happiness !
Two strands of kindness !!
Three strands of cheerfulness !!!
The Bottle Class
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Bottle Class 2016
Familial & Professional LOF and non-LOF Chihuahua Breeding
Registered at the Chamber of Agriculture, Siret No. 807 871 264 000 14 
Holder of Animal Technical Studies Certificate Of Company: Dog
Certificate Of Capacity No. 38327 issued by the DDSV Isère Prefecture
2016 Chihuahua in Featherweight Kingdom. Reproduction prohibited. Besseyre Annick.